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Historical Places to Include in your Honeymoon Trip

mahabaleshwarMahabaleshwar – Beginning the new journey of life among the rocks and sea:

Mahabaleshwar which is located near Pune in Maharashtra is an ideal place for the couples who are interested to visit a hill station. Place covers everything that any couple would look for in their honeymoon trip.

valley view mahabaleshwar
The stunningly lovely rich green surroundings and the smooth environment will permit the couples to have some of the best memories of their life. There is a different hill station named Panchgani closer to it, empowering the couples to have double satisfaction throughout their journey. There is probably that couples might get the most calm and unwinding occasion here.

Hampi – Starting a new life by discovering the ethnic beauty:

places to visit in hampi

Hampi is a Unesco World Heritage Site and is a city of ruins with ancient palaces and forts. It is one of the famous historical places in India. It aged royal residences and strongholds.

hampi places to visit

Some time ago it was an imperial capital of Vijaynagara Empire. It was secured in 1336 Ad by Ukka and Harihara. It houses around 500 landmarks, every landmark having its particular story. The territory around Hampi emphasizes Tungabhadra River and rough rock stones.

hampi india

It was previously, a spot with grand royal residences, tremendous fortifications and temples, markets and huge structures. Hampi is otherwise called Pampakshetra, the home of Pampa, girl of Lord Brahma. Throughout old times, Hampi used to be an exchange focus of jewels, horses and different diamonds. Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Vithala Temple complex, Old Palace and Hazara Rama temple are an absolute necessity see in Hampi.

Agra – Enjoy the beauty of eternal place with your partner:

taj mahal agra

Agra is recognized the encapsulation of love and its rich social and historical heritage makes it a perfect objective for the recently married couples and it is one of the famous Indian landmarks. Agra is venerated as the spot where an interminable affection story has been written on the marbles.

agra at night

That is one of the explanations why a large portion of the couples love to visit Agra for their special honeymoon. The design splendors with their great structures and intricacies of plans speak considerably a lot about the history.

An ideal place to go through some valued moment with one another, Agra is like a heaven particularly on a new moon night.

Khajuraho – Most refreshing start to a new life:

khajuraho temple

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, is known for its extraordinary figures and is thought of a standout amongst the most famous historical places for wedding trip for the love birds in India. The spot is an ideal mix of natural wonders and compositional greatness. Khajuraho has got stone temples with intricate and erotic carvings; consequently the couples acknowledge this spot to be the most captivating one to begin their marital life. The pictures inside the temples are recognized to be the best educator for the recently wedded. The temples of adoration and erotica are the lover’s heaven and subsequently the most opting spots for newly wedded.